How To Feel Color And Live A More Vibrant Life

Are you drawn to some colors more than others, and wonder why? Do you get distracted by words, phrases and thoughts about “what you should be doing” and “how to fix” what’s bothering you?

The advice is overwhelming... Listen to this person, read that blog, take a class, do this kind of yoga, eat this but not that... and all will be well. Obscene amounts of information can pull even the most focused person off course.

If some days you’d like to tune out, you’re not alone. Finally, you can flip a switch to reach your goals and realize your dreams.

This is for you if your body and mind crave a simpler, more beautiful way.

Guided by the clear, unassuming honesty of pure color, instantly block out the noise and confusion of life, and gain the clarity you seek.

Stop just “seeing” color...

[Before you read further, please note the following.]

First, I want you to empty your mind and try to read this without a strong attachment to the words.

Sound impossible?

It’s not. The next time you struggle, you’ll have an immediate, fun, and easy-access way to deal with it. Just imagine some common issue you face:

  • You have a decision to make and your internal mind-babble is creating a din of conflict.
  • You know you need to change the way you think about and relate to about a co-worker, a family member, or lover; but you just can’t get your emotions into alignment with your reasons.
  • You find yourself in that same, old, funky headspace you always end up in when you try something new.
  • You’re giving into the very thing you told yourself two hours ago you wouldn’t do. Really.
  • You’ve prepared, studied, taken your lumps, networked, and earned that new position, leadership role, or seat at the table -- yet something is wrong; you feel so undeserving.
  • Your big mouth got you into trouble... again.
  • You just received a burn, a sting, a rude comment, a pink slip, etc... and you’re ready to react NOW.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just bypass all that crap? Just fly over it and leave it behind.

The Grip of the Information Age

See, your mind is more complex than the most sophisticated computer, and it is always trying to process information. Intelligent people especially crave knowledge, sometimes at the expense of peace of mind. These facts are shockers

  • The human mind has over 70,000 thoughts a day.
  • We are exposed to thousands of advertising cues every day (up to 5000).
  • Women speak an average of 20,000 words per day (13,000 more than men, by the way)...

We gather facts, figures, stories and images. We store them in that fabulous nerve center called the Brain, and there always seems to be room for more...

Why can’t we learn to break old patterns, then? Is all this information helping you? Or do you fear you’re missing something?

Well, I’m going to probably blow your mind right now by telling you there’s another way.

It’s so simple, accessible, and crazy-effective, it makes all those personal development courses and self-help training systems seem like overkill. What is it?


What is one thing we all experience in a universal way? It’s color. Take a plump, sun-ripe tomato. The red hue I see is the same red you see. We may each describe it in various ways; we may even perceive it slightly differently due to our physiology, but the color is what it is. It’s a law of nature. And it’s all to do with light hitting the source and reflecting red light waves back to our eyes.

The light reflected off a tomato is energy vibrating at a certain frequency (4.6 x 1014 Hz, approximately), and it has nothing to do with your history, what you think about tomatoes, if you like the taste, or whether you’ve tasted one. 


It vibrates just the same. Right here, right now.

Light doesn’t lie, confuse, or require a lot of explanation. It just is.

Since all cells have a frequency at which they vibrate, then, colors affect us – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, because WE vibrate. Each and every one of your cells is vibrating right now. (And you thought you were just sitting there.)

On top of that (are you ready for this?) our words, thoughts and prayers affect vibrational fields the same way sound does. That’s why the study of neuroscience continues to attract research into the human brain’s perception of high frequency colors, and how people can use them for healing.

Since energy fields in our bodies universally respond to the range of visible light frequencies, we can predict how our bodies and minds will respond to color.

You can “use” color to transform your feelings, your health, and your well being.

Colors possess inherent powers without any particular reliance on a process, a method of meditation, a modality or teaching.

Mind chatter simply stops when you learn how to feel color.

People who can mentally harness color without words experience the effects almost instantaneously!

What are Royal Gems™?

Essentially, they are colors, chosen for their range of healing capabilities and transformational effects on humans.

The Royal Gems Matrix Healing System™ is comprised of 120 colors (gems) that affect vibrations in people. They’ve been proven to provide a complete range of healing capabilities when used with intention and appreciation...and it’s the easiest, most approachable alternative healing technique anyone -- even a child -- can tap into!

What if you knew how to trigger a change in your mind, spirit, or body within moments, by grabbing onto the right energy needed for any given situation?

  • Ever wish you could banish negative, repetitive thoughts that are holding you back?
  • When pulled in several directions, do you ever desire a jolt of wisdom to straighten your path?
  • Want to maintain calm and peace in the midst of complicated details and busy schedules?
  • Wish you could just stop getting caught in weird, unproductive, and unsatisfying patterns with yourself and your important relationships?
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to get your mojo back without having to spend a lot of money?

All of this – and more -- can be achieved within seconds if you know ways your mind and cells respond to color.




The Royal Gems Matrix Healing System™

I developed this system because I had to.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Joyce Stech, an advanced metaphysician, certified light master teacher, Karuna™ Reiki Master and Body Talk™ Practitioner. I’m also an expert in Sacred Geometry and the energy physics of the human body. Most of all, I’m a passionate student of life and truth, curious about everything.

One day while in a session with a client, I literally saw a blue sapphire emanating from my client. As I watched in wonder, I began to associate the color with what my client was experiencing at that moment, and was consumed with a strong sensation of loyalty, steadfastness, goodwill and friendship. The verbal part of my mind rushed in to apply a description to the “feeling” I saw.

Over the next few weeks, through observation and research of color patterns, I discovered that these colors were associated with certain perceptions or emotions (things like motivation, fear, concern, comfort, and delight) that reflect universal human experience.

People are unique, certainly, yet when they imagine specific colors, their resonance is pulled toward a common frequency!

In the same way, when people experience a state of being (like confusion, doubt, excitement, or a firmness of purpose), they emanate a distinct gem color also.

The connection was, and is, undeniable.

I was blown away. Maybe this was something only I saw. Maybe I was imagining it?

But no, as I began to verbalize what I was seeing and describe the sensations I felt when witnessing these colors, people really responded. They got it! In fact, the more I researched; the more I discovered associations with gemstones colors – not the stones themselves, but the color energy.

I realized the actual elements in physical form were no more beneficial than simply training your mind to experience the color energy in its purest form.

Visual and sensual washes of pure color...

Over the years I developed three “sections” or tiers of Royal Gems. There are 120 in all, and as you move up the Healing Matrix System to the more advanced gems for advanced users, the distinctions become more specific.

The most basic and powerful are those thirteen very special gems in Royal Gems 1. (This is the group I’ll describe to you today.) And yes, I had to describe their characteristics in words – short, verbal poems and story-like vignettes -- so that others could understand how they worked to release vibrations in the mind.






How do they “heal?”

I’ve explained how color vibration is simple science: If color Gems did not vibrate at different frequencies, they would be invisible to the naked eye. Colors follow the structure and energy of light waves.

The question everyone wants to know is can they really have an effect on my life, my health, and my ability to create wealth, peace, and attraction in my life?

This part is easy to wrap your head around, because we all know how powerful stories and associations are! We crave a connection to certain esoteric concepts by imaging how other people experience them.

If you listen and learn how someone else uses a color to heal, you’ll be able to internalize a similar application that surrounds, comforts, or repairs your problem.

Pay attention to how you feel!

All aspects of your human body strive to feel better, in alignment, in harmony. Your body tells you where the energy is out of whack. When you feel pain or discomfort, that’s your cells trying to regain balance and harmony – that’s why you feel -- literally -- that you need to make a correction.

Appropriate measures might be as simple as eating an apple, taking a nap, or hitting the gym. We might reach into the medicine cabinet, consult a chiropractor, or take a much-needed vacation. Other times, your body cries out and you end up in the emergency room. Most sentient beings know the basic steps to take.

If you yearn to be happy, healthy, living in abundance and strength (it’s why you’re here, after all), why wouldn’t you tap into the easiest and most abundant source of healing on the planet? The color fields around you and the ones you can imagine in your head.

There’s no reason not to at least experiment with the simple steps of the Royal Gems Matrix Healing System. In just a minute I’ll tell you why you have nothing to lose...






Three easy steps to a healing breakthrough:

  1. Understand which color to choose.
  2. Bring the color into your body as you fixate on its energy.
  3. Accept and allow a harmonic vibration to take root, concentrating on the aspect you want to change.

This technique is learned in a matter of minutes because your body already knows and responds to Royal Gems. All you must do is understand how to choose your hue to slip into this natural, uncomplicated healing process.

The best thing about this is -- it’s free. This one, universal, constant source of power is yours to use, in addition to any other knowledge you acquire. Royal Gems easily compounds the effectiveness of all metaphysical, healing, yogic, and martial arts training.

“How does color feel?”

I suspect you know this color awareness goes beyond the highly saturated pixel capabilities of the latest mobile phone... It’s more than just visual.

You want a more fully engaged experience than what you see or hear on a digital screen. Royal Gems students know deeply how color feels because of the way their minds, bodies and spirits resonate when they “bathe” in it, relaxed and open. You can’t help but feel a certain way when that color is embodied exclusively in the way I teach.

I can teach you the basics of a range of broad healing capabilities in about 5 hours!






Most common questions about the Royal Gems 1 course:
Let’s figure out if this is a good match.

  • Can I learn this?
    • Anyone can learn how to use Royal Gems Healing Matrix if you can see colors. Even if you have no previous experience with energy or light healing. I do make references to chakras, but I give context, so you won’t be lost. You’ll also have plenty of time to ask questions. If you ever feel I am not clear, I’m happy to explain on one of the calls.
  • Is this some kind of fung shui, paint-chippy advice I can just figure out on my own?
    • No, this is not about choosing colors for the home. It’s about understanding the healing characteristics of a rare, specific palette of hand-chosen colors based on their propensity to transform. While you may note some broad, common themes related to color (for example, red beryl is a spicy, hot color), I’ll show you the nuances of specific gems and the corresponding physical healing potential within each one. I’ve seen different people use them in many different ways, so you’ll get a ton of ideas for how to bring about unique experiences with each one.
  • Will I need to supplement this course with gemstones, or colored lights or massage, or something else I don’t anticipate? Do I need to buy any other materials or arrange for extra time to learn this?
    • Absolutely not! This is a stand-alone course. Extra tools or supplemental products are neither necessary nor beneficial. No other training is needed. However, at the end of the course, you may want to build on your skills with Royal Gems 2.
  • Can I look up this information on the Internet or read a book instead?
    • Royal Gems Matrix Healing System™ is a methodology created, produced, and taught by me, Joyce Stech. Hang tight! I’m currently writing my book on the exact content that I’ve taught to many other students. (Some are even teaching it to their own students now.) If you want to receive this teaching from the original creative source, I recommend signing up for this class now at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere. Win-win!
  • How long will it take to learn, and to see effects in my life?
    • You literally learn and practice while you are taking the class. Each video will guide you through exercises so that you experience the immediate effects of each Royal Gem presented. It’s exciting and instantaneous!
  • How much does this cost?
    • Private sessions with me run about $2000 per day. The regular price for the course $497. I am going to share an offer -- 45% off the regular price, along with a special guarantee – in just a moment.
  • Does this really help with very real practical issues like my weight, my sex life, my bank balance – or any other area where I’m really struggling right now?
    • Yes! When you change your vibrational energy through Royal Gems work, you instantly change your outlook, your sensations, your impressions, and your thoughts. They have tentacles into every aspect of your life and relationships. The work and time you invest is up to you.
  • Will this make any difference in my real life; or just make me feel good for a minute or two?
    • Again, Royal Gems’ effects are both practical and long lasting.
  • Do I have to stay on a schedule or can I skip around from Gem to Gem?
    • The online course is designed to give you the ultimate flexibility. My team structured the 5 sessions on a platform where you go at your own pace, and unlock the next week’s video when you’ve completed the previous videos. You can watch any time, and download all the supplemental worksheets at your convenience. Your login will always be private and secure.
  • I’m not sure I’m comfortable with a group class setting. Must I share with others, or can I just absorb this on my own?
    • Share as much as you want through comments, or stay as quiet as you like. Your choice.
  • Do I really need this to heal?
    • Even if you are the most balanced, harmoniously tuned individual, you just might learn something that will increase the vibration in your life. I’d love to share this with you even if your support system is rock solid, and/or you have other modalities you are working with. Work with Royal Gems only magnifies the effects of practices you already use in your life.

 Additional benefits! On top of metaphysical benefits, there are also very physical reasons for making smart use of Royal Gems in your daily life. Bee stings, stomach knots of indigestion due to stress, lethargy due to dejection... all these things are very real problems that can be fixed with an astute understanding of color vibrations.

Much of what is really happening in the world right now is a result of these tiny vibrations, which people either pick up on and use, or neglect at their own peril.

Are you ready to get started?

My Invitation

I already know how much more centered and in-control you’ll be when you “lock in” with the universe and quantum reality on this colorful energy level. However, you may not fully realize yet how ultra simple it is to change.

I don’t know you personally yet, but I know what you’re capable of. You could be sitting in the darkest pit right now, and still know in your heart you’re capable of positive, illuminating, electrifying colorful energy.

We’ll start small. Just 13 Royal Gems trigger a real change. These are the primary building blocks of psychic, emotional and physical healing. How many different positive ways can you feel? Oh! There are so many, but I want to give you a glimpse of a typical starting point...

If you could master these general positive vibrations, calling them up when you need them, (not even counting the physical benefits you’ll get), how different would your day look?

  1. Diamond: Incomparable, indestructible purity of vision is at your command.
  2. Ruby: Soulful power that stirs action, banishes all wimpy and stagnant tendencies.
  3. Blue Sapphire: Become the wise and genuine friend others value above all.
  4. Blue Apatite: A connector between the teacher and student; if you’re in the public eye, this will guide you.
  5. Red Beryl: Passionate, intelligent, intimate-but-not-clingy. All eyes are on you!
  6. Mandarin Garnet: Peaceful, intense, ready; loving energy guides you through occasional darkness.
  7. Emerald: You’ve got this. There is nothing lacking here. Total abundant energy.
  8. Yellow Sapphire: Clears obstacles to intellect and creativity. Get ready to move ahead.
  9. Fire Opal: You’re on fire. Are you ready to rock today?
  10. Pearl: Rare, wise, and abundant self-worth is yours.
  11. Yellow Quartz: Divine guidance for self assurance. Leadership becomes you.
  12. Imperial Topaz: Helps you dig in with desire and intention; there’s no rush when you’re aligned.
  13. Hessonite: This impulsive, intuitive nature welcomes a challenge. “Just watch me now.”

Would those be good to start with? (If you can think of more, then you’re already a good candidate for the next levels of learning in Royal Gems 2 and 3!) For now, let’s get our arms around these Royal Gems in Matrix 1. We’ll cover each of these so completely, that as soon as you sense a lack in any of these qualities, the perfect Royal Gem will spring to mind. You’ll know exactly what to do with it.

This 5-week course is yours to access as soon as you place your order. Your investment in 13 Royal Gems, all the virtual video training, and guides to print, study, and save are yours for just $497 $275!

I’ll be with you every step of the way for Q&A, or any private questions you may have. I’m buzzing with the thought that you may become a student of Royal gems, because as I hope you can tell by now, I love this “work.” I know you will, too. In fact, you won’t think of it as work, or even a course of study. It’s entertainment, where you also happen to learn life-changing skills. (I hesitate to even call it a “class,” it’s that much fun!)



Joyce’s LIOMB Guarantee

What’s more, you have my guarantee that if for any reason you’re not delighted with the Royal Gems and can’t find value in your use, I’ll personally return all your money with a smile. It’s my “Love It or Money Back” promise to you. I created this course and I stand behind it 100%.

But wait, I’m not done yet!

I’m throwing in some bonus products to sweeten this rare deal... and because I want you to immerse yourself in this easy understanding. Healing will become second nature with these extras:

  1. “Get to know Joyce” A live interactive session with me, scheduled once a month, so you can hop in whenever you can join in. What can I say; I’m an open book! Although I keep no big secrets, I’ve been around on this planet for awhile and have some good stories to share. If you want to know my credentials to teach this stuff, I’ll share that with you, too. (Value: $150)
  2. The Breastplate of Aaron Tutorial. Some folks have to really buckle down to see why I teach this; others crave this kind of esoteric knowledge. It may not be information you can personally use, but it’s history, baby! The ancient Rabbis of Judaism used royal gems sewn into their clothes, calling on their powers for instruction and wisdom. (You can catch a glimpse of a breastplate in the miniseries, “A.D.”) Wouldn’t you love to understand these esoteric concepts? (Value: $125)
  3. Two (2) live 90-minute group Q&A sessions to share, ask questions, explore ways to utilize the Gems, and clarify what you’ve already learned. These will be recorded, so if you miss one, don’t worry – you can go back and listen at any time. They’ll be on your virtual training platform. (Value: $450)
  4. You’ll receive all the Powerpoint slides, and all supplemental materials I provide throughout the course. This comprehensive content is packed into one easy-access e-book or PDF format. You can put it on your tablet or Kindle and access the Gems any time you’d like a refresher. (No login required!)
  5. This is a juicy bonus, but it requires some clarification before you start the course. In addition to the 13 Gems in Royal Gems 1, I’m introducing some guided meditations including four (4) NEW Gems not covered in this course. They are added here to give you a glimpse into higher-level usage of gems and their relation to the four elements. (See, I told you I was totally transparent; I want you to experience these because I think you can handle these – and they’re so sharable...) Think of them as “Hypnotic Energy Upgrades!” The .mp3 recordings (Value: $75) include:
    • Blue Topaz Royal Gem with fire element
    • Red Jasper Royal Gem with earth element
    • Amethyst Royal Gem with air element
    • Aquamarine Royal Gem with water element
  6. A final gift for you: Stress Relieving Royal Gems,” a surprise, downloadable .mp4 video recording. My clients are the inspiration behind this video, which I use to relax and gently transport you to a place of openness and carefree calm. This is bliss you can bring with you and access anywhere: hotel room, airport, busy conference, and college dorm room...any time you want your cares to dissipate. (Value: $75)

One last thing I want to make sure you’re aware of...we have a time issue.

We are, as we speak, in the process of creating Royal Gems 2 and 3, the next-level courses for my up-and-coming group of students. Now, I know that as we go higher, fewer will stay on to continue the study, that’s just a given. (Remember there are 120 Royal Gems in all!)

It could be you who decides to continue. If it is, then I want you on the live, beta version of the class. The first course always delivers amazing value because you get so much – all my information before it’s edited; some, if not all videos in real time; the chance to ask questions that shape the course, etc.

Timeframe update:

You can’t possibly know at this point if you’ll be one of those people, but if you take this class and want to learn more, your timing couldn’t be better. (I believe there are no accidents.) If you’re even thinking of jumping into this course, then please do it now for the best shot at continuing your journey in the next phase in a wonderful, live-action Royal Gems 2.

I want to meet you where you are now, though, so one last word from my heart.

I really love my students and consider it a privilege to work with you. I was born curious. You were, too. (I know this because otherwise you wouldn’t even be reading this sentence.) What pains me is when people are curious, but never put their irons into the fire to test them.

Yes, some growth is painful. Sometimes we move on from a comfortable, well-trodden path; or our close relatives think we’ve abandoned them; or someone declares your life a “midlife crisis;” or another barb or inner voice tries to keep you in your place. That’s just yucky.

But life’s for learning. Reminds me of the old joke:

The older fish swims by and asks, “Nice day. How’s the water?”
The younger fish responds, “What the heck is water?”

Some folks will never know they are swimming in water, and some will never know the fields of colors waving and breathing all around you, waiting to be discovered.

It’s up to you to swim with joy, like it’s your last circle round this great big ocean.

Will you join me in Royal Gems 1 and begin a journey that will not only change your life; it will change how you see – and feel – the world around you?

If so, I can’t wait to meet you!


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